Corporate Training

Corporate Training

What could your business do with 223 percent improvement in efficiency?


Performance Instruction & Training (PIT) offers a variety of corporate training programs from the one-of-a-kind team building offered by Team Performance U to the lean transformation initiative Lean Performance U.  PIT can also bring these services to your next conference or even teach everyday fans about the intricacies of pit stops.

Many marvel at the way pit crews operate.  Take those concepts to your business by learning from the professionals at PIT.  Each program is customized to meet the specific needs of the business to maximize effectiveness.  Put yourself ahead of the competition in an increasingly difficult marketplace - begin working today with a PIT Crew Member to create a program that will improve the way you do business!

Lean Performance U is an experiential learning program using motor sports racing and pit stops as tools for teaching the concepts of continuous improvement, efficiency, preparation and teambuilding. Using a combination of classroom education and hands-on experiential learning, Lean Performance U addresses such topics as communication, role responsibility, creative thinking, and work performance through the easy to understand examples provided by the pit stop experience.For years, businesses from around the country have sent their executives to Performance Instruction & Training (PIT), located deep in the heart of NASCAR country to learn the concepts of lean manufacturing. Businesses have increased productivity by as much as 200% through the application of Lean tools.

A one-of-a-kind combination of classroom presentation, discussion, and actual pit crew activities, drive home vital lean concepts.

Imagine how efficient your business would be if it operated like a motorsports pit crew. Lean Performance U will teach you how to do just that by relating the concepts of the pit crew back to your business. The program challenges employees to look at Lean work modes in an entirely new way that is easily understandable

When entering into a Lean transformation within your company, Lean Performance U can jumpstart your efforts and carry employees through Lean learning whether line workers or top executives. The combination of classroom and hands-on learning utilizes pit stops as scenarios that speak to the challenges within your industry. The program is fully customizable to your company’s goals and learning needs.

Lean Performance U can be conducted at the Performance Instruction & Training campus or on site at your facility. Hundreds of companies have participated from the computer chip manufacturers at Intel to the ramp supervisors at United Airlines, all with the goals of becoming more effective, efficient, and profitable by adopting the concepts afforded by pit crews.

Whether you are a new employee or an executive- all levels of the corporate ladder are welcome to participate. Individuals from a wide variety of industries (manufacturing, maintenance, healthcare, management, administrative/office, sales, military) who seek unique perspective on introducing or re-implementing lean initiative and teambuilding are encouraged to register.


Learn and understand the elements of lean and how it can improve your operations

Understand value-added and non value-added activities, and how the value stream map can charter your course towards lean improvement

Participate in a pit crew activity, apply lean principles and observe their impact on performance

Discover the importance of developing a lean culture in your organization

Team Performance U is a team building experience using the concepts of the motorsports pit crew to understand team work and communication in the world of business.  This is your chance to experience one of the most unique team building programs available combining hands-on, experiential learning with interactive classroom sessions and all out fun! No matter what industry your team’s focus, you will leave with clear action items to make your team better communicators with a renewed sense of achievement, pride, and enthusiasm.

This one-day event begins by hearing from and working with experts in high performance motorsports and team building and learning how team concepts are implemented to create a winning effort at the track.

During the second part of the day you will experience going “over-the-wall” by performing a series of pit stops using the same cars and equipment as the pros! And each stop provides another opportunity for learning you can put into action within your team. After each pit stop, watch video footage of your performance with your team coach, who is also a professionally trained pit crew athlete. Then, end the day with a discussion of your performance with a team building expert to drive the concepts home.

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Latest News

Norfolk Southern - June 23rd, 2015

Norfolk Southern - June 23rd, 2015

Norfolk Southern brought a team to PIT on June 23rd to take part in PIT's award winning Lean Performance U program that included a Red Horse Racing "Insider's Shop Tour", "Think Inside the Box" theatre presentation and hands-on pit road activities. The team returned to PIT the following day for internal meetings at the state-of-the-art training facility.

General Electric - November 17th, 2014

General Electric - November 17th, 2014

PIT's team traveled to one of General Electric's plants in Cincinnati, OH for a unique one-day Team Building event on November 17th. The event, held inside the plant (thank goodness.... with the winter storm taking place!) included PIT's "Think Inside the Box" presentation and hands-on pit stop activities for the G.E. team.

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