Pit Crew Outsourcing

77crew_iowa1.jpgSimilar to other professional sports, practices are competitive and coaches grade the performance of individuals in each position and “rank” them on a position depth chart accordingly. PIT negotiates contracts with race teams in many series of stock car motorsports racing to provide the over-the-wall pit crew services on race day.

allgaierarcabanquet_200.jpgWhen existing race teams contract with 5 Off 5 On for race day pit crew services, the over-the-wall team is selected from the “stable” of Pit Team Athletes practicing each week. After gaining valuable experience traveling and performing for contracted teams, many Pit Team Athletes receive employment opportunities with larger, higher level race teams.

Teams outsourced through PIT have also gone on to win not only races but championships while in 5 Off 5 On.

For more information, please contact Adam Merrell at extension 253 or you may reach Adam by email at Adam.Merrell@VisitPit.com.